History in Graphite: Works by Joe Chase

On display June 1 - July 31, 2017

About the Artist

Joe Chase has lived nearly all his life in and near Chatfield, Minnesota. He went to elementary school right here in the building that is now the Chatfield Center for the Arts, and where his mother, Dorothy Chase, was a teacher for decades.

Joe began drawing during his junior year at the University of Notre Dame. It has mostly been a hobby but in the 90’s thousands of prints of Joe’s sports art were sold nationwide by Kelly-Russell Studios of Minneapolis. For more than 15 years his portraits of incoming Minnesota State Bar Association presidents were on the cover of the July issue of Minnesota Bench & Bar magazine. Prints of his posters celebrating Chatfield’s Minnesota State High School League football and wrestling championships have been sold as school fundraisers. And it has become a tradition that one of Joe’s Abraham Lincoln portraits is sold at the annual Legal Assistance of Olmsted County fundraiser in Rochester.

Joe says: “For the subject matter of my drawings, I keep coming back to the things that really interest me. People, of course—I enjoy drawing the human face. Athletes in action. Soldiers. I’ve probably done two dozen portraits of Lincoln. But I’ve also drawn airplanes, battleships, birds of prey, big cats, horses, and American bison. I find that things that fascinated me when I was ten years old still do. I guess in some ways I just never grew up, and my drawings reflect that.”

Joe and Sara live on the Chase family farm north of Chatfield where they raised their children Gabriel, Rachel and Nathaniel.