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Of Mice and Men

Presented by Wits’ End Theatre

Potter Auditorium - All Reserved/Assigned Seating

Tickets: $15 / $5 students*, teachers, and other educational professionals

Doors open at 6pm, Performances at 7pm - Beverage and snack options available for purchase.

On March 22, 23, 29, and 30, on the stage of Potter Auditorium, Wits’ End Theatre will present John Steinbeck’s timeless tale Of Mice and Men directed by Joe Chase.   

Of Mice and Men is the story of several days in the lives of Lennie Small and George Milton, two itinerant farm workers moving from job to job in California during the Great Depression.  Lennie is a giant of a man with the mind of a child.  George is a savvy guy who promised Lennie’s aunt he’d take care of him.  In their travels, these dissimilar men have formed a unique friendship that makes them different from the solitary ranch hands who’ve “got no family” and “don’t belong no place.”   As Lennie describes it to George:  “I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you.”  They have only the clothes on their backs and their bed rolls, but they have allowed themselves a modest dream of a better future—getting a stake together to buy a place of their own where they can work for themselves, have a little house with a warm stove in the winter, and rabbits that Lennie can tend and pet.  When they join forces with Candy, an old bunkhouse hand they meet at their latest job, suddenly their dream is almost within reach.

John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men was published in February, 1937—eight months after the doors of Potter Auditorium were first opened in Chatfield—and it was an immediate best seller.   The book was hailed as a “simple but superb” story. By November of that year, a play based on the book was on Broadway.  It became a motion picture in 1939, starring Burgess Meredith as George and Lon Chaney, Jr. as Lennie.  In the decades since then, the book has been part of the curriculum in countless high schools across America; the movie has been remade for the screen and TV; and the play has returned to Broadway as recently as 2014—when James Franco played George and Chris O’Dowd played Lennie. 

*This production will include mature subject material and is not recommended for youth under 13.

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