Where culture, history, and community meet in the Chosen Valley of Southeast Minnesota

In 2010, the City of Chatfield made a decision to embrace forward thinking and put arts, culture and historical preservation at the heart of community vibrancy as construction on a new elementary school began. The district donated the old school, built in 1916, along with the 1936 Potter Auditorium to the city of Chatfield.

Through a courageous public/private partnership, the facility and its programs are now generating a cultural and economic impact in the region as the Chatfield Center for the Arts. The fully renovated, 650-seat Potter Auditorium hosts live music concerts, educational lectures, and theater productions, many in collaboration with the local high school and Wits' End Community Theatre.

Hands-on art classes and exhibitions bolster the lineup of enriching programs that encourage visitors and residents to stretch their creative wings and expand innovative thinking. As a partner in enhancing the quality of life in Chatfield, the CCA is an essential resource for community activities and an accessible venue for private events.


Find out about our organization, our vision for bringing the arts to life in rural Minnesota, and the positive change we inspire throughout our community.

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